PC-Welt Exclusive: The Windows Updater

24.04.2006 | 13:44 Uhr | Christian Löbering

With this exclusive PC-Welt tool you can create a Windows update archive. That way - in case Windows has to be reinstalled – you can just put the patches back in place.

And here’s what the software can do: Each month, Microsoft provides new security updates. As a Windows user, you may often not even notice it, because the automatic update feature downloads all important fixes the moment you go online. Then it installs them automatically.

That procedure is fine as long as your system keeps running. But what happens when you have to start from scratch with your PC? Following a reinstallation using the original CD, your system is in its original condition – and that includes all vulnerabilities, too. So, when your PC is connected to the Internet, it usually takes just a few seconds before the first virus or worm sneaks in. That will happen even if you just visit the Windows Update page and try to update your system. But with our tool pcwPatchLoader.HTA you can avoid this problem.

Here’s how the technology works: The setup files of current security updates are uploaded into a directory regularly. What’s very important: When you use the software for the first time, make sure that your system is up to date. The easiest way to do that: Just use the tool every other Tuesday, as that’s “Patch Day” - the day Microsoft makes its new updates available.

That way, if your Windows is "on strike" and throws you some curveballs, or if you need to set up another computer, you will have all files for the updates handy. What’s more, you can install them without going online.

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