The Value of PC Refresh with Microsoft Windows 7

Intel IT plans to begin enterprise-wide deployment of Microsoft Windows 7 on PCs with Intel vPro technology in early 2010. We conducted an extensive three-month evaluation that showed the OS meets the key requirements of Intel’s business groups.

Intel IT collaborated closely with Microsoft to perform an early evaluation of the OS. We gathered Intel business group requirements, discussed them with Microsoft, and then developed internal tests to verify whether the OS met each requirement.

Microsoft Windows 7 overwhelmingly met the requirements and showed improved performance and stability compared with Microsoft Windows XP*. In surveys, 97 percent of users of the beta release said they would recommend the OS. A conservative total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis estimated potential net present value (NPV) of USD 11 million over three years, mainly due to lower support costs.
We determined that deploying Microsoft Windows 7 on new PCs with Intel vPro technology provides the best performance and manageability. Microsoft Windows 7 includes manageability and security capabilities that strongly complement Intel vPro technology, which we are using to improve PC management across the enterprise.

After further application testing, we plan to start rollout of new PCs with Microsoft Windows 7 and Intel vPro technology to segments of Intel users as part of our standard refresh cycle.

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