A few pointers for using this tool

24.04.2006 | 13:44 Uhr | Christian Löbering

Pointer No. 1 : Update regularly. If you repeat this process on every “Patch Day” and download the most recent patch database, your update folder will always be up to date.

Pointer No. 2 : Patching automatically. Facing a reinstallation? In order to install all updates in such an event, all you need to do is execute this one tool. If you want to perform the same process on another computer, just copy the update directory and the entire pcwPatchLoader folder onto the new computer and start the tool there.

In all cases you should then select the update directory using ">>" and click on "Install". The system will be checked for missing patches. Should the service pack be missing, the tool will first install it separately and then restart the computer. In the next step, run the pcwPatchLoader again and click on “Install.”

The tool runs in Windows 2000 and XP. The download is just 318 KB.

Download: pcwPatchloader 1.2 (English)

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