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Ad-Aware: Add-Ons / Plug-Ins

Lavasoft has made several add-ons available, designed to enhance the features that Ad-Aware offers and to make more information available to users at a mouse click.
Lavasoft has made several add-ons available, designed to enhance the features that Ad-Aware offers and to make more information available to users at a mouse click.
Tweak SE
Tweak SE gives you the ability to alter settings for the scanning engine. Furthermore, you can modify the graphical user interface. For example users can let the antispyware utility flag any encoded URL references as a possible browser hijack attempt. Other options include the ability to have Ad-Aware skip the system restore folders while scanning. Download now
File Size: 552 KB
VX2 Cleaner
VX2 Cleaner detects and removes a variant of VX2. Lavasoft developed the add-on since some users were having difficulties removing the malware from their systems - difficult in so far as VX2 gives itself system privileges and monitors the registry for changes. The VX2 Cleaner is free to use. Download now
File Size: 573 KB
With the emergence of Windows NT Microsoft introduced the Windows Messenger Service. Spammers pretty soon got hold of the service and use it to “spam” users connected to the internet. Lavasoft's add-on allows you to switch the service on and off at will, without having to go through a string of menus. After running the installation executable, click the "Add-ons" –Button, and double click on the Messenger-Control add-on. "Disable Messenger” will shut down the service. Download now
File Size: 481 KB
Some files contain information that Ad-Aware can't handle on its own. The Hexdump add-on tries to correct that issue. After running the installation executable, you just have to right-click on a file on the "Scanning Results" screen and use "Extensions | Show Hexdump". The Hexdump add-on is free and works with all versions of Ad-Aware. Download now
File Size: 517 KB
Filespecs lets you gain access to additional information about a given file than in the "Scanning Results" screen. Besides filename, size and creation date, the add-on displays when the file was last accessed and provides header information. Filespecs only works with Ad-Aware Professional. Download now
File Size: 575 KB
LSP Explorer
LSP Explorer provides detailed information about active Layered Service Providers (LSP) and Name Service Providers. For example, about filename, version, service flags, protocol and socket type. It is run directly from the add-ons menu by double clicking. Download now
File Size: 620 KB
OE-W Messengerctrl
Microsoft’s Windows Messenger appears as soon as you use Microsoft Outlook Express. This happens even if the auto-start feature of Windows Messenger is deactivated. OE-W Messengerctrl disables the instant messenger program for good. In case you need to restore it, the add-on also allows you enable the auto-launch status again. Download now
File Size: 474 KB
Reghance 2.12
Reghance (Shareware, 12 dollars) is supposed to give you more control than the standard registry editor that comes with windows, making it easier to navigate through your registry and, for example, working with a large number of keys. The add-on can be accessed directly through Ad-aware. In addition it also works as a standalone application. Download now
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